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Aug. 21st, 2008

Do you ever have one of those moments when happiness suddenly overwhelms you for no apparent reason and suddenly you just want to grin like an idiot? This happened to me yesterday morning during a meeting. It came out of nowhere, and I fought to keep from said idiotic grinning, but it sure made my day!

I'm going to start being more positive. I've always been an upbeat person, but have let things get me a little down lately. For example, right now we live in California, which isn't my favorite place because of...well, a few things. But there are many positives, and I'm going to focus on enjoying those during the next 10 months until we leave (5/10/09). :-)

Sign Spinners

Sign spinners are everywhere these days. On street corners, waving PVC signs side to side to catch drivers' attention, advertising new home developments, furniture liquidations, and clearances at department stores. But I have now seen the greatest living sign spinner ever. Last Sunday Mike and I went to the Farmers' Market, located in the parking lot of the train station near our downtown. On our way out, we came upon him, the greatest Sign Spinner ever. Not only was he wiggling it side to side, he was also flipping it, twirling it, launching it in the air and catchng it, and just generally getting down with his bad self. The sign was advertising a new housing development, and although we are in no way looking for a house, I seriously wanted to go just to cheer him on. He even was grinning at cars and waving as they went by. I think I saw him wink at us! I am sold on this sign spinner.

It's complicated

Sometime early into college I was in my hometown for the weekend, and bumped into a guy friend of mine from high school. We had never been romantically interested in each other, but had been in art class together and got along really well. He was with his girlfriend and introduced me to her, then I suggested to him we should hang out next time I was in town. I gave him my number in front of the girlfriend, and didn’t realize until after he never called me that this could have been interpreted as a come on: me, single at the time, giving my number to a guy who was dating someone. I truly meant it as a friendly gesture, but I guess things change after high school. Suddenly you can’t just “hang out” with people of the opposite sex. It especially gets tricky when you get married. I’ve always gotten along well with guys, but suddenly it comes across as totally different if you’re sporting a diamond on your hand.

Aug. 11th, 2008

Am eating a packet of instant oatmeal and feeling sorry for myself here at work. 

The easiest way to explain my job is that I'm a grantwriter. We have a huge proposal due tonight at midnight EST (I'm on PST) that I've been trying to submit electronically for the last 2 hours. I've been on hold to speak to customer service for 52 minutes on my office phone (they close in 26 minutes - it's not looking good). 

At least the oatmeal is maple flavored.


I wonder if my friend, Tracy, has had her baby yet. She is due August 6, but was hoping that he would come early. Last I saw was Saturday, July 26. We had lunch and pedicures. It was in the middle of the foot massage of the pedicure that she says nonchalantly, "You know, they say foot massaging can lead to labor." I looked at her, panicked. "Hand over your cell phone in case I have to call your husband - NOW!" Lol.

Kids for me? Hell no! Not right now, at least. Mike and I got the baby bug a few months back for a couple of weeks, though thankfully not strongly enough to do anything about it. If we had a kid now, the crib would have to wedged in Mike's study between the broken dresser and the litter box. What a great upbringing for a kid! No, if it's meant to be, it'll happen, just not in this decade.

Writer's Block: On Your Tombstone

What do you want written on your gravestone and why?
Um, hopefully a date that is far in the distant future! But then again, I've always thought I might die young...and that, ladies and gents, if your daily dose of morbidity. That word (morbidity) always makes me think of morbid obesity, which is totally different. Anyways...okay, a few ideas:

Here lies Tori, lover of kahties.

RIP Tori. Please don't come back and keep us up at night as a ghost.

Good riddance, you old bag! (if I die very old and am a burden to my offspring)

here i am

I haven't forgotten about my LiveJournal just so you know. I think about the blog, and am impressed that it has over 200 entries in it, and realize that I want to keep it going. Then I come to talk about something and decide that I have nothing interesting to say, that my life is kind of in this "day in, day out" phase and I don't see a point in sharing. Then I read through blogs like that of vertleo318 and get really jealous because his is actually interesting, so I come back to make an entry, and here I am again with nothing to say. It's a vicious circle, really.

A new job

Tonight's random thought: If I were a trucker, and if I had a radio in my truck, I would want my handle to be "Big Waffle."

On that note, I started a new job today. Same area: nonprofit development. I'll be writing grants to help raise money for a local arts program. I'm incredibly pleased and excited about it, to be quite honest. I think my new boss is going to be great, and the offices are on the second floor of this huge house from the early 1900s.

I also am feeling like an actual adult, and not just because I have bills (those have been around since dorm life). The HR person offered to tell me about their IRA plan, and I actually accepted. AKA I might be able to actually afford making meager contributions to my retirement now. Woah. Next thing you know I'll be putting a down payment on a house and picking out curtains with Mike. :-)

We celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary on September 10. Crazy. I can't believe that it's been that long. Things are finally starting to sink in so I can call Mike my husband without grinning like an idiot (not that he minds that he makes me grin like an idiot). I can identify myself with my new married name, though I still had to cross out my maiden one on an insurance enrollment form today. Poo.

So things are good, but I am off to bed. I'm trying to quash my inherent night owledness and try to get to bed before midnight (I'm on PST these days) on weeknights. We'll see how it goes. It's only Day 2, so there's still hope, right?

For all you readers out there (or not), hope things are peachy keen in your world. Night night for now.

My grandfather

My grandfather had a stroke and cerebral hemorrhage a couple of weeks ago – yesterday he was moved to hospice. I had learned about the pending move on Monday and had gotten used to that idea. However, my grandmother and family have now reviewed my grandfather’s living will and are abiding by his wishes not to sustain him with food, water, or antibiotics if he is not going to recover. I found this out this afternoon – I just lost it at the idea of him being hungry and/or thirsty – I understand that in his unconscious state things are not like that, but it’s still hard to take in. He is, however, being kept comfortable with pain meds so knowing that helps somewhat. I got to visit him in Neuro ICU on Saturday when I was in Texas, although I didn’t realize at the time that it was goodbye.

Everyone, including my grandmother, is insisting that we continue with our plans for our belated honeymoon that's supposed to start on Sunday, July 8, no matter what the outcome with my grandfather. I have spoken with my family and they believe that a visit to my grandmother in the fall will be more comforting than at the funeral as she will need support in the coming months, so for now I am keeping in contact from a distance and doing what I can.

Sorry if I am pouring my heart out to Live Journal. It just helps to sort things out.